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Star Date : 11/19/2016 : Saturday

          So it has been a long time since I added to this page also.  I'll try to do a better job this time.  Bear in mind a lot of links on this page and other probly will not work.  Just a heads up there.  You probably noticed that I revamped my Big Bend Videos page.  It is now streaming from my new You Tube channel.  Check out my other videos there as well for the new projects I have been working on plus new travelougue videos.  I'm starting to do a lot more fishing, so look forward to some new pages on those activities as well as the ole' rock hound pages.

Star Date : 08/27/2006 :

          Please check out my new on-line jewelry and rock shop :

And yes, I finally had to shut down the Guest Book.  Some asshole continues to attack it with ad banner html and link code that doesn't even work.  What an idiot!  However, if you want to post a note, just e-mail me and I'll update the page for you.  Thanks to all.

Star Date : 05/30/2006

          I know, I know, it has been quite a while since I have added to this page.  Except for a bit more formatting, I did finally update the Southwest Gem and Mineral Show schedule. 

          My classes have kept me very busy which has not allowed for as much travel as I would like.  So, this month I am presenting a paper on the Wendish people of Texas which I wrote for a past Sociology class.  I hope you enjoy that while learning about another cultural group of Texas.

          Due to my busy schedule with Summer school, I will probably present another paper I wrote for a past Biology class on the Mexican Free Tail Bats of Texas.  So look for it in the future.

          In fact, I may consolidate some information from past stories and do a page on the Wine Trails of Texas and the Cave Trails of Texas.  Watch for them.

          I have added quite a few more Texas Roadside Attractions and Texas Courthouse photos.  See the links below:

Texas Roadside Attractions

Texas Courthouse Photos

          Also, watch for a new Internet store I will be launching soon to sell some of my gems and rocks made into crafty items.

          One last thing.  As I have said before, please feel free to comment in the Guest Book .  But remember, its a guest book/forum.  Not a board for advertising.

          Take care and until next time, See you on the Road!!!!!

Star Date : 06/09/2005

          Oh my GOD!  You ask, What happened to the Southwest Rock Show Schedule, the Gem Trails of Texas Part I, II and III and the GPS Coordinates for Texas Rock Hounds?  Chill man.  It's still here.  I just re-wrote/moved them.  I started a new section called the Texas Road Runners' Rock Hound Pages!  I moved the  Southwest Rock Show Schedule and the GPS Coordinates for Texas Rock Hounds under the new web area.   Since this is a new area and new material will always be added, then please check back often for new updates.  I simply combined the earlier Gem Trails of Texas stories to Gem Trails of Texas : North Texas to match the new format.

Star Date : 05/20/2005

          The site is nearing its 2nd birthday now with The Texas Road Runners theme.  I am surprised, that I have been able to do the traveling that I have done, due to being a poor college student again.  Which reminds me, have you noticed the new look?  The grey Texas background allows the red and blue text to show up better than the last background used with the blue and red Texas graphics.  Over time, I will replace the buttons using the old background with the new background.

          There is only one unfortunate event that occurred when I reformatted everything, I lost a lot of your commends in the Guest Book.  That seems to happen every time I make major changes to the site.  I apologize.  Please feel free to comment in the Guest Book again.

          Yes, I have integrated my iMall of Texas and an on-line gift shop within the site.  Remember, I'm a poor college student again and any purchases made within the site sure does help out.

          Due to my last rock hunting trip in the South Texas area, I have updated the GPS Coordinates for Rock Hounds Page with some of Melinda Crow's sites from her book.  Also, due to all the new roadside attractions seen on that trip, the Texas Roadside Attractions page has also been updated.  I have now decided to limit the joke page to "Texas Only".  So if you have any, send them in!

     One last thing, I had been collecting courthouse pictures of Texas counties for several years now.  So after the Gem Trails of South Texas Adventure - 2005, I thought I would consolidated them on a list like I have done with the Roadside Attractions.  I know there are several others doing the same out there on the net, but at least these are free for the taking.  Although the page is still under construction, check out the new Texas County Courthouse Pictures page.  Enjoy!

          Thanks again for your support and keep your comments coming......

Star Date : 01/23/2005

          Ok, ok!  The Southwest Rock Show Schedule is finally updated thanks to Rock and Gem magazine.  Which reminds me, I, was reminded recently of the Tucson Rock and Mineral show.  So, I updated my old Tucson 2003 page for those who would like to see what the show is like and have a few laughs.  I am still very busy with school, so again the updates will be few for a while.  I did manage to do some traveling during the holiday break, so do look for those stories soon.  Its just a matter of finding the time.  So, I will continue this year with Part II of Hello Brazosport and don't forget to checkout our Gulf Coast White Christmas.  Until then, stay tune and always check out the Past Adventures Page for any new stories!  Oh yea, keep your comments coming and I will answer what I can.

Star Date : 06/20/04

          Wow, its been about a year for this site.  A lot of places have been seen and explored.  However, due to my continued state of unemployment in the IT and Telecom field after 6 months of searching, I decided to go back to school and re-tool myself for a new career field in Health services.  Hopefully as a Pharmacist in the near future. Therefore, the adventures will not continue with the full steam ahead approach due to lack of finances and time.  I will however, research the places I have been to in more depth and create more informational pages on those visited sights.  If the opportunity arises for an adventure or two, then definitely I will report on it.  So.... stay tuned.....

Star Date : 06/29/03         

        We were stuck in this corporate world.  But then, found relief by traveling the highways and byways of Texas and beyond.  There is more to Texas and the Southwest than what one sees in the big cities and countryside.  There an array of awesome parks, little holes in the wall, the people you never met and of coarse some of those crazy roadside attractions.  So take a moment and follow the exploits of the Texas Road Runners as they venture into some of the known and unknown parts of Texas and the southwest.  Its a little of Wayne's World meets the roads and parks of Texas.  Actually, this site is a recreation of my past two adventure sites with a new Texas theme.

     Since there are quite a few of us now, the site will be updated quite frequently.  So... Have fun!!!  And put on you Bob Philip's Hat and join us.  And remember the  Texas Road Runners Rule!!!!     


 So, until next time, take care and I'll  See you.... on the road, or in the workshop (which is really just my garage) !!!!


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