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Cleburne State Park 2003

The sights include : Mainly just the park this time..


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        Before I begin the show, I want to share with you two new acquisitions of mine.  Last Friday, I went back to "Nature's Gallery", the rock shop on the Carrollton town square for lunch.  My main intent was to procure more grit for my rock tumbler.  But he had the same ol'e excuse for not re-filling my canisters.  He still sorting trough his stash from the Tucson show and trying to prepare his taxes.  

        So I helped myself to the back area where he sales rocks in the rough for tumbling or cabbing.  I picked up some Texas Petrified Wood.  By then a buddy of his came in and they started talking.  So I walked around his gallery some.  Since I was in Dinosaur Valley State Park last weekend, I found some fossilized bird tracks that interested me.  They were from Utah and 22 million years old.  (Bird Tracks 1, Bird Tracks 2, Bird Tracks 3 and Bird Tracks 4)  I also found another Selenite Rose cluster, which I just had to have.  Though it is reddish brown, there are white specks in it which will fluoresce under a black light.

        Well, back to the show.

Star Date : 03/30/03

        I couldn't decide if I wanted to go to Cedar Hill State Park or Cleburne State Park for another hiking adventure.  Then I remembered, I had to go back to the "The Wood Shop", the antique shop in Clifton.  Garage sale lady's husband was hold something for me in which I will elaborate on later.  Unfortunately, it was too late to get Mr. Bill included.  Sorry Bill,  let's try Cedar Hill next week.  I already researched some interesting artifacts there.  So I headed out early, took the usually route as if I was going to the VarTec ranch and finally arrived at Cleburne State Park.

        Hum, why won't my camera work?  Unfortunately, I left the smart media at home.  Well, I did not come all the way out here for nothing.  So I found the park station and paid my park fee.  Hold it, Cleburne is a big enough town.  I asked the office clerk if Cleburne had a Wal-Mart.  She spoke with forked tongue and told me they they did.  So I turned around and told her I would be back.  I finally found their Wal-Mart and purchased and purchased another 64 MB Smart-Media card.  Little did I know that this was just the first of my camera problems.

        I finally arrived back at the park station and picked up a map and some more state park literature. I was now on my way to my first trail, the Spillway.  There was a sign for you dogs, and your masters.  There was an upper Spillway trail and a lower Spillway trail.  I first choose the upper.  I first had to cross the creek.  I finally hike high enough to get a picture of the dam.  The upper Spillway trail enable me to get a few good shots of Cedar Lake and the surrounding country side.  I hit the end of the trail and started back down, the trail was bloomingBlooming all over.  Once I got back down, I hiked the loser Spillway trail and got a different perspective of the dam.   I wonder what animal made these tracks?  This really was not the place to find fossils.  But I manage to find a piece of an ammonite and a small clam.  My camera wasn't working right at all.  Then I saw the low battery light come on.  I headed back to the truck and decided to drive around and explore a little.  Hopefully I can find a park store.

        As I drove, I came to a picnic area and took another shot of Cedar lake.    I took another shot of the lake from the boat ramp.  I finally found the park concession and pick up some new batteries and a park t-shirt.  I really want a refrigerator magnet but, they did not have one.  Outside the shop they rented paddle boats and I found some kind of crane nearby.  Of coarse, another shot of the lake.  

        I went further into the park I noticed they had a nice play ground for the kids and they had cabin rentals.  As I checked out the cabins, I saw some squirrels in a nearby tree.  There was an amphitheater further down the road.  

        I then made it to the next trail, the Coyote Run Trail.  It was another rocky and winding trail with its own fauna in bloom.  Past this bridge I found a bird's nest.  I finally hit marker number 17, which was the end of the upper Spillway trail.  So, I headed back.

        It was now 11:30 AM, I was getting hungry and I knew just what I wanted.  Off to see the garage sale lady's husband in Clifton and I will eat in town.  I had to get to Brazos Point to get to HWY 56 which would take me to Morgan, then Meridian and finally Clifton.  Just before I got to Brazos Point, I had to check out the old single lane Brazos bridge.  I can't believe I went over that bridge so many time to get to the VarTec ranch.  There were a few folks fishing in the river and it looks like someone ran off the bridge at one time. 

        I finally made it to Clifton and found the Wood Shop and it proprietors.  Garage sale lady's husband was holding a 1,000,000 year old, 51/2 inch long, polished piece of mastodon tusk.  It is a very nice piece, almost one of a kind found in Alaska.  He gave me a real good deal on it.  Additionally, he simply also gave me a mastodon tooth.

        I said my good-byes, ate a burger and headed on home.  In Hillsboro, a took a picture of Hill county's newly renovated court house.  If you remember this was the court house which burned down and Willie Nelson help raise the funds for it's rebuild.  They did a really good job of restoring it.  That's it for now, updates to follow.

       So, until next time, take care and I'll  See you... on the road, or in the workshop, (which is really just my garage) !!!!


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