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Past Adventures 

Crawford, TX 2002

The sites Include : Presidential Burgers at the Coffee Station, a visit to the Bush Ranch and dinner at Buzzard Billy's!

Star Date : 1/11/2002 - Friday (As always, click on the picture for for a larger image and click on the links for surprises.)

          I had just drove in to Evelyn's place and told her of the news I heard on the radio on the way down.  President Putin of Russia and President Bush having a big rally at the Crawford High School.  It was just 15 minutes away.  Let's go!

          We finally arrived and got our tickets.  There was quite a crowd.  Them locals sure did put them kids to work.  Finally, we got to hear the Presidents speak

Star Date : 1/12/2002 - Saturday

           Ahhh.  I just woke up.  Where's my coffee?  You wouldn't believe what Evelyn fed me for breakfast.

         Ok, I remember seeing President Bush on TV picking up some hamburgers at the Coffee Station in Crawford, TX.  I guess others saw that news footage too and Bob Philips, the Texas Country Reporter, did a story on that that place.  Well, its high time the Texas Road Runners eat lunch where our president grazes at.

          I gave Evelyn the phone and she called up her friend Carolyn to see if she and Frank wanted to meet us there.  it was a done deal but first, we had to feed Alice who lost her mommy while being born.  After that ordeal, we hoped in the car and took off.  Well first, we had to mail a few letters.

          We finally made it to the Coffee Station but, it turned out to be a biker convention.  A lot of wild people were there. 

           Ok, we had our lunch.  It was great.  I had the chicken fried steak which I highly recommend.  Oh wow, the president.  Photo op. time.  Ok, ok, it was just a cardboard cutout.  But, we had fun with it.  Oh my God! Its the real President!

          Of coarse we ran up to him to say hello and he invited us to his ranch!  Thank God he gave us a map.  But first, a little sight seeing.

     After lunch, we walked around town visiting the various antique and gift shops.  We even stopped at the local coffee shop

          After that, we hit Crawford's park and found a cool trail to hike.  We saw lots of critters out there.  There was a falls on Tonkawa creek and I just wish it was warmer to dive on in.

          After the hike, it was time to hit the ranch.  Bear in mind that the president lives out in the middle of no where.  Thank God I had my Roads of Texas Map.     We finally caught up with George and he put us to work.  We finally got to see more of the ranch, including a cool grotto.  This was a cool place!

          After all of that, it was time to hit Waco and have dinner at Buzzard Billy's!!!  I highly recommend this place.  The food is great! They make everything fresh.  I had an awesome burger.  It was getting late, so it was time to head back home.


          So, until next time, take care and I'll  See you... on the road, or in the workshop, (which is really just my garage) !!!!


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