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Fishing Vacation Road Trip - October, 2016

Sites include visits to : Buckee's in Luling, TX; that famous sign in Hondo, TX,; the Lake Amistad Visitor's Center; a great sunrise and then fished along the banks of Lake Amistad;  the new Stonehenge exhibit in Ingram, TX; fishing on the Guadalupe river;  fishing Boerne City Lake;  the R-n-R Campgrounds; fishing at Rebecca Creek; Lucky's Sports Bar & Grill, the Canyon Lake Gorge Tour; Visited more of Canyon Lake and visited Gruene, TX for the music, spirits and food; Granny D's for breakfast; and the World's Biggest Pecan.

Star Date : 10/04/2016 Tuesday

     Yep, it was vacation time once again and I was going to make a road trip out of it.  Not just any road trip, but a fishing road trip.  So I saddled up my horse and headed west.  I did not stop till I hit Del Rio, TX.  I'll let the videos take it up from here.  They are streaming off of my new You Tube channel.  Enjoy !!!


     This is Day 1 of my road trip fishing vacation. We start out by leaving town and making our first stop at Buckee's in Luling, TX. Then we visit that famous sign in Hondo, TX and make it to the Walmart in Del Rio for additional fishing supplies. Then, we check out the Lake Amistad visitor's center and begin to explore the lake while listen to some pretty cool jams. We then head into town to the motel and plan for the next day's events.
     Caught a great sunrise and then fished along the banks of Lake Amistad, TX at various spots.  I could see the fish, but nobody would take the bait.  Even when I dangled it in front of their eyes.
     I left Del Rio, TX and saw a new windmill farm outside of Brackettville, TX. Got to Bandera and made a wrong turn , but found the Medina river to scope out on some fish. Made it to Kerrville, TX and to the new Stonehenge exhibit in Ingram, TX. Visited with Jack and Jennifer and checked out their outdoor furniture shop and finally did some fishing on their Guadalupe riverfront property. Then of course retired for the night.
     After a great breakfast at Bella Sera, I departed Kerrville, TX and made it into Boerne, TX where I fished the lake there until chased away by a storm.  I made it to the R-n-R Campgrounds and did some more fishing at Rebecca Creek.  Still no luck  The Lake Amistad curse was still with me.
     My friend Stephanie came up to visit me and to see a bit of the Texas Hill Country. We had a great lunch at Lucky's Sports Bar & Grill, took the Canyon Lake Gorge Tour, Visited more of the lake and visited Gruene, TX for the music, spirits and food. The Gristmill was awesome !!!
     Steph. and I tried our luck fishing Rebecca Creek and we became quite frustrated with no tight lines.  So our stomachs were screaming at us for food!!!  After a quick coffee stop and visiting a neat tackle shop, we found Granny D's !!!  We had a great breakfast and after that, it was time to go home.  We made a pit stop in Seguin, TX and visited the "World's Biggest Pecan.

          So, until next time, take care and I'll  See you... on the road, or in the workshop, (which is really just my garage) !!!!


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