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Meridian State Park 2003

The sights include : Time to start up the hiking again at the state park outside of Meridian, TX.

Star Date :  03/16/03      

        I thought it be best to start some hikes at nearby state parks to prepare myself for my vacation next month.  I have heard of Meridian State Park and decided to check it out.  Also, I wanted to try out my new Camelback.  I can't believe I have spent so much time in the North part of the Texas Hill Country and never been.  Although I researched it a couple of days before on the Internet for its location,  I woke up early and had a nice drive down to Meridian and finally found the park after stopping for directions at a local dinner.

        I paid my fee and received a map.  I decided to hike the Shinnery Ridge Trail. I finally found it after a nice drive in the park.  

        The trail started out as a paved one.  It was a cool morning for such a hike.  Unfortunately, I did not see any cool wildlife, just nice scenic views.  I did find an interesting waterfall.  Apparently, someone had been lost on this trail.

    I finally emerged back out and made my way back towards the lake made by an earthen dam in the 1930's.  From this vantage point I saw a stone building.  It turned out to be restrooms and a meeting room for the marina below.  The waters on the lake were calm and there were several boaters out there.

        On the way to the marina are, I noticed an outcrop of rock.  I just had to check it out for fossil potential.  So I crossed the dam from the other side and finally found the outcropping of rock.  There could be fossil potential here in this cliff.  

        Yea Yea, I have a hound's nose for this stuff.  And for this stuff.  I think next weekend, I'll find Bill and head on out to Dinosaur Valley.  Enough for now.  I will update you on next weekend's adventure.

       So, until next time, take care and I'll  See you... on the road, or in the workshop, (which is really just my garage) !!!!


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