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A Gulf Coast White Christmas 2004

The sights include : My neighborhood, Quintana Beach, Bryan Beach State Recreational Area and Freeport, TX.

 Forward :       

          I'm not saying that it never snows on the Texas Gulf Coast.  It does, about once every 30 years or so.    The last time I saw any significant amount of snow here was in March of 1973.  So, to have snow on a Christmas here is really a once in a lifetime event!  People so quickly will forget the news, so I got the ole' camera out and drove around town. 

Star Date : 12/24/2004 : The White Christmas in Brazosport !

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    Christmas morning.  As I stepped outside while wiping the sand from my eyes, low and behold, all I see is snow!

I looked to the east....



    And then to the west.....

Our poor house all covered in a snow vest.


     The backyard did not fair any better.

Dang mom, aren't you cold?  I'm running back inside.


      The next morning it seemed safe to start to drive around.  I hit Quintana and Bryan beach to see if there would be any snow there.  But first I had to get over the Inter-coastal Canal Bridge.

I looked over to view the canal.  No stuck barges here.


     While on top of the bridge, I looked down at the snow ridden barrier island that makes up Bryan Beach.

Quintana beach to the north definitely got hit with snow....


    As did Bryan beach to the south.

The Quintana canals snowed over.


     They are no longer beach houses.  Now, they are snow houses.

The Quintana town hall.


     The view of the Surfside jetties from the Quintana beach side.

A lone gun emplacement dating back to WWII to product the petrol-chemical plants.


    Could this be a roadside attraction or just another funny pic.  I shall call this one the Freeport Harbor Wind Chimes.

 Palm trees and snow?


     County Road 723.

Did I read that right?  Neartic?  Yea, maybe today.


     Neo-tropical Bird Sanctuary?  Not today!

These poor ducks.  They flew all the way down south to escape this weather.  Boy, I bet they are confused.


     The Velasco Riverside Park in Freeport.  Just below the new Brazos River channel.

On top of the Brazos River levee.


     The Brazos River down below.

I drove back to the neighborhood to see if anyone made any snowmen


     Obviously, we are not very good any making snowmen.

But being in Texas, we sure are good at making forts.



           Interesting in that I just had completed a few pages on the Brazosport area to be complemented with this event :

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       So, until next time, take care and I'll  See you... on the road, or in the workshop, (which is really just my garage) !!!!


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