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Texas Roadside Attractions   
Look here for interesting roadside attractions which can be found throughout Texas.  Enjoy !!!

Star Date : 11/19/2016 – Saturday

     We see them everywhere and unfortunately for those who live around one or perhaps several, you may sometimes take them for granted.  However, for those on the road, the attractions make a nice stop to visit or just to look at to take the monotony out of a long drive.  I started to collect pictures of the roadside attractions during my journeys.  Look for them the next time your on the road again.  Sometimes, there is an interesting story behind them.  By the way, since our travels are now going beyond the great state of Texas, click on the links below for other States.

Alpine, TX - Mountain Initials - North side of Hwy 90 behind Sul Ross University

     There must be something in the water that makes the folks in west Texas towns to decorate their surrounding mountains with their towns initials or institutions.

Amarillo, TX – The Bug Ranch – South side of  I-40 heading east out of town.  Next to the Longhorn Trading Post.

     Ok, this guy wanted to attract more customers to his souvenir shop.  He therefore copy-cat  the Cadillac Ranch, but with old VW beetles.

Amarillo, TX – The Big Texan Steak Ranch – North side of I-40 in town.

       Home of the 72 ounce porter steak.  If you eat it all including baked potato, salad and drink within an hour, then it’s free!

Amarillo, TX – The Cadillac Ranch – South side of  I-40 heading west.

      A Stanley Marsh III and the Ant Farm’s creation.  Bring your spray paint and look for his road signs in town!

        Some of the latest photos (03/17/2006) :

Line Them Up, The Latest Graffiti , Support Our Troops

We Love Our Moms

 Athens, TX - World's Largest Blue Catfish - At the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center off of FM 2495.

     Caught by Cody Mullinnex and weighed in at 121.5 lbs.  Mullinnex kept him alive and donated him to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center.  The center's staff has stated that he has already put on a few more pounds. (11/29/2016 - I have heard that he passed away.)

Austin, TX - Ira Poole's Home - 2400 E. Martin Luther King Blvd.

Another Photo of her Patriotic Yard Art.

Ballinger, TX - The Big Cross - About a mile south of town off of Hwy 83.

           Yep,  just like the one in Groom, TX east of Amarillo but a little smaller in scale.  I drove on up the hill over-looking Ballinger for a better view of the giant cross.  For you Catholics, under the cross was the Seven Stations of the Cross.  Next to the cross was a small religious park with some interesting cloisters.

Cloister 1, Inside Cloister 1, Cloister 2 and Inside Cloister 2

  Balmorhea, TX - Mountain Initials - South of the city off of Houston street near the lake area.

     There must be something in the water that makes the folks in west Texas towns to decorate their surrounding mountains with their towns initials or institutions.

Bandera, TX - The Frontier Times Museum - 510 13th Street

Here's a few of the attractions :

Gallery Room 1 , Cabochons , Antlers Locked

A Cool Mantle , A 1500's Rocking Chair , A Shrunken Head

Another Cool Mantle Made of Fossils , A Close-Up of the Fossils

A Two-Headed Lamb 1 , A Two-Headed Lamb 2

Gallery Room 3 , Why I Don't Like the Dentist , Gallery Room 4

Bastrop, TX - Another Huge Gold Ball - 6 miles West of Bastrop off of the North Side of Hwy 21

Beaumont, TX - World's 2nd Largest Fire Hydrant - Corner of Main and Mulberry

     It was originally built to promote the re-release of Disney's 101 Dalmatians.  Now it promotes the city's Fire Museum of Texas.

Boerne, TX – Cascade Caverns –Just off of I-10 and follow the signs.

A cheesy little cave with some history and a dinosaur to top it all off.

Boerne, TX – The Muffler Man –Just off of I-10 towards the middle of town.

Another example of the giant race of men created by mankind to serve as monuments to the advertising industry.  This time he is marketing a collision repair shop.

Brownsville, TX - The Virgin Mary Tree - Corner of St. Francis Street and 10th Street.

     Well, I can see her.  But then again, I'm also good at seeing those 3-D images in those Magic Eye pictures.  Look for this house near the southeast downtown area.

Bulverde, TX - Smallest Catholic Church - 25781 State Highway 46

       Well, in Texas.  I think it has the one in Warrenton beat.  3 by 5 paces.

 Caddo, TX – The World’s Biggest Wheel Barrel – Just north of Caddo on the east side of Hwy 36.

       Another way to attract customers to buy their BBQ.

 Canyon, TX – The Giant Pair of Legs – Just north of Canyon on the east side of I-28.

      Another one of  Stanley Marsh III’s creations.  Be sure to read the Texas historical maker next to it.  Oh yes, don’t believe everything you read.

Canyon, TX – The Scary Tex Randall Statue – Just Off of Hwy 60 on teh West Side of Town.

      Well, it made me stop.  But the Restaurant it was promoting was closed down and I wasn't gate hungry anyway.  Here's another view.

Carl's Corner, TX - Giant Frogs - Corner of I-35 E and FM 2959

          I don't know?  Just some really big frogs dancing on top of the roof over the gas pumps.

Colorado City, TX – The Windmill Farm – Just south  of I-20 before you enter the city limits.

       Pollution-free power generation.  We need more of theses!

Concan, TX - The Big Cypress Tree - Off of Hwy 127 on the Big Tree Ranch

          I could literally drive my car through it!

Corpus Christi, TX - The Selena Memorial and Statue - Corner of North Shoreline Boulevard and Peoples Street.

     She's complete with sexy  her bustier!

Corsicana, TX – World’s Biggest Fishing Pole – On the east side of I-45.

                 Just another way to attract business to this crane and sign business.

Crystal City, TX - The Popeye the Sailor Man - By one of the cities Administrative buildings in the courthouse area.

     He's a long way from the sea!  Apparently, they used to grow a lot of spinach here.  Erected in 1937!

Dallas, TX – Chromsaurs  – The entrance to Fair Park  at 3535 Grand Avenue.

       Someone with time on their hands took a bunch of old bumpers and welded them together into dinosaurs.

Dallas, TX – The Muffler Man – Southeast corner of  I-35 W and Illinois St.

      One of our many muffler men who invaded our earth back in the late 50’s and 60’s.  See Boerne, TX.

Dallas, TX – The Giant Giraffe – Northeast corner of  I-35 W and Marseilles St.

                Reported to be the tallest statue in the state of Texas.  Only because he’s sticking out his tongue!  Look closely at the giraffe’s upper breast area between its legs and use your imagination.  What was this artist  thinking of?

Del Rio, TX - Round Mountain - Southeast of the city limit, next to San Felipe Cemetery

     Just the shape of almost a perfect cone is enough for the sight, but there is more.  The story is that Montezuma's treasure is buried in the base of the hill.  Once a year the hill opens up to take a handful and if your too greedy, then the mountain closes up on you.  Thus the cross on top is to placate the ghostly apparition of the greedy ones.

Eldorado, TX - FLDS Temple and Compound - Co. Rd. 300 just oustside of town.

Some Triangular Structure

You Can See it from Outer Space

El Paso, TX - Camino Real Hotel - 101 South El Paso Street.

     A hotel with some history!

El Paso, TX - The Alligator Statues - San Jacinto Plaza.

     Ok, at one time there really were alligators penned up in the downtown area of El Paso.  Now, they are just remembered with some statues.

Fort Davis, TX - The McDonald Telescopes - Off of Hwy 118 north of town.

          Take the tour, its well worth it.   The 82 ", the 107" and their 433 ".

Fort Davis, TX - The Solar Panel Farm - Just a few miles north of the city.

          Notice in this shot the McDonald Observatory telescopes in the background.  They do have a nice observation area to view them, though I believe it would get boring after a while.

Fort Davis, TX - The World's Biggest Spur - At the Prude Ranch off of Hwy 118 north of town.

And the Reason Why

El Paso, TX - The Flying Saucer Building - Corner of Hwy 62/180 and CR 2775.

     It was actually built as a real estate office to sell ranchettes out here.  They were going to flood the area with a big lake, however that never happened.

Floresville, TX - Giant Peanut - Next to the courthouse.

     They're not the only ones with a giant peanut in their city.  See Pearsall.

Fort Davis – The Solar Panel Farm – Scenic Loop Hwy 118 and 166 

                More clean energy but, it looks like they are decommissioning this site.

Fort Davis – McDonald Observatory – Take Hwy 118 north of town

                 Go back at night and really check out the stars.

 Fort Stockton, TX – Paisano Pete the Road Runner – Hwy 290 & Main

                 Was the world’s largest road runner at 20 feet long and 15 feet tall, until the good folks in Las Cruces, NM built a bigger one.

Fredericksburg, TX – The Pacific War Museum – 340 East Main St.

                 Check out all the WWII military gear and guns!!!  They now have live firing demonstrations of taking a Japanese machine gun nest during certain times of the year.  Call ahead for more information.

Freer, TX - World's Biggest Rattle Snake - By the Chamber of Commerce off of Hwy 44

     I'll bet "Venom ER" on the Animal Planet Channel doesn't have enough anti-venom for this serpent!

Galveston, TX - Gaido's Big Crab and Shrimp - 3900 Seawall Boulevard

                    The Gaido's Restaurant's Giant Shrimp and Giant Crab.  They claim the crab came from Galveston bay, NOT!

Glen Rose, TX – Dinosaur Valley State Park – Next to the park office.

      The statues were originally created for the 1929 Worlds Fair in New York, NY.  They now found a new home here.  While there, see how many ancient dinosaur tracks you can find.  They are quickly eroding away now.

Glen Rose, TX – Creation Evidence Museum – Off Of Park Road 59.

                I was too embarrassed to go in.  Supposedly, they have archeological evidence that man and dinosaurs lived together at the same time.

Grand Saline - The Salt Palace - 100 West Garland Avenue.

          The original two were built to promote and be the center piece of their annual Salt Festival back in1936.  The current structure now serves to promote the city and the Morton Salt Company.  They even have a few big boulders out front for your licking pleasure.    The salt mine is just outside the city to the south.

Groom, TX – World’s Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere – South-side of I-40 of the west side of town.

       This site also includes the 14 stations of the cross, a model of Jesus’ tomb and a reproduction of the sacred shroud.

 Groom, TX – The Leaning Water Tower – North side of I-40 on the east side of town.

      Apparently built to attract customers to the Britton truck stop which has now been closed.

Guadalupe National Park - Highest Point in Texas - Climb to the top of the Guadalupe Trail.

     What more can I say?  Its the highest point in the state of Texas. 

Hidalgo, TX - The Giant Killer Bee - Sits in Front of City Hall

     Another view and its Marker.

Houston, TX - Iron Animal Sculptures - Southwest corner of Hwy 288 and Belfort Road

          Maybe erected by the Houston Pipe and Supply company to attract business?  Here's some other close-up photos.  I finally found a guy who made some of those sculptures at : Metal Sculptures by Marc Rankin.

Largest Armadillo , Painted Cows , Another Dinosaur , An Eagle  ,

Largest Road Runner, Watch out Ft. Stockton ,

Last, but not least, Snoopy!

Ok, some new ones have been added since the Summer of '04

Giant Spider,    Big Painted Animal,    and a Man on a Crane

Henderson, TX - Oil Platform Rest Stop - North side of Hwy 64 about 6 miles east of town.

Also visit the memorial of the unknown oil man.  Not!!!!

Hunt, TX – Stonehenge II – FM 1340 north of Hunt

                 Stonehenge II was erected as an amusing art project by the late Al Sheppard and his friend and neighbor, Doug Hill.  Doug had offered a limestone slab to Sheppard in 1989, unused in his recently completed back patio. Sheppard stood the rock up monolith-style, and then odd thoughts started to seep into his head.  It is 90% the size of the original.

 Hunt, TX – Easter Island – FM 1340 north of Hunt

                 Al obviously caught the construction bug again and after a year and a half from completing Stonehenge, he created his Easter Island statues.

Hunt, TX – Boot Hill – Southwest of Hunt on Hwy 39

                 Ok, you have an old boot you want to get rid of.  You simply sign it and mount it on a fence post.  Oh yes, they bought outdoor furniture from the Hudson’s.

 Huntsville, TX – The Sam Houston Statue – Just south of town on the east side of I-45.

                 Well, someone has to honor the man who saved Texas from Mexico.

 Hutto, TX – The Hutto Hippo's – Along the main Historic Downtown Area.

Hutto Hippo 2;   Hutto Hippo 3 ;

Hutto Hippo 4Hutto Hippo 5 ;

Hutto Hippo 6

Iraan, TX – Alley Op Land -  Off of Hwy 190 and other memorabilia can also be found inside the local pizza restaurant.

                The author of the Alley Op comic strip from the 50’s through the 70’s was raised in this town.  

Iraan, TX – Another Windmill Farm – Can be seen on the northwest corner of where I-10 and Hwy 190 meet.

                 More pollution free power generation.

 Italy, TX – The Giant Caterpillar – Northeast corner of I-35 W and Hwy 34.

      Built to advertise the dome building techniques of Monolithic Structures, Institute.  During the Christmas season, look for it's giant Santa Clause.

Junction, TX - The Deer Antler Tree - Downtown, in front of  Kimble Processing

     A huge Christmas tree-like structure made of deer antlers form all the deer they process there.

Lajitas - A Mule for the Mayor - At the Ghost Town Shopping Strip

His name is Clay Henry III, and he likes his beer.

Lajitas - Contrabando Movie Set - At the Ghost Town Shopping Strip

Here's a few more photo's :

Look for the GateA Home Perhaps, The Church,

The Rio Grande, Incase you Need to Go

Lajitas - The Teepee Rest Stop - At the Ghost Town Shopping Strip

No explanation here.  Sierra Blanca, you have competition.

Lamar, TX - The Big Tree - In Goose Island State Park

     They say it is over one thousand years old.  Just take a look at its trunk and read its little poem.

Laredo, TX - Biggest 6-Pack of Soda - North side of Hwy 83 coming from the south.

     Ok, Ok!  It's just another one of those drive-in beer barns.

Lamesa, TX - The Sky-Vue Drive-In Theater, Home of the Famous Chihuahua Sandwich - Off of Hwy 87 on the Southeast side of Town.

     Although not really a roadside attraction, but then again you don't see many drive-in theaters these days, home of the world famous Chihuahua Sandwich.  Ok, its made up of two fried corn tortillas filled with chili meat, jalapenos, shredded cabbage, onion and pimento cheese.  You better bring a towel to eat this one.

Los Ebanos, TX - Hand Pulled Ferry - At the end of FM 886

     Here's their fares and as you can see, its a quite popular border crossing.

Los Fresnos, TX - The Little Graceland - South-side of Hwy 100 in town.

     Senor Vega's tribute to the King!

Los Fresnos, TX - Giant Sea Shells and Sea Life - North-side of Hwy 100 just outside of town.

     Here's the list : Giant Conch, Thin Conch and Dolphins, The Sea, Inside the Sea, Giant Sea Snail and the Giant Shark !

Luckenbach, TX - The General Store - On Luckenbach Loop off of Hwy 290 East of Fredericksburg.

You know, the site that Willie Nelson made famous with his song.

Inside the General Store

Luling, TX - Watermelon Water Tower - Behind the Police Station

          Apparently, watermelons are a big thing in this small town.

Luling, TX - Oil Pump Metal Art - Scattered throughout the town mainly off the Hwy 90 bypass in town.

     These are actual working oil pumps that have been adorned with metal art.  The others include a football player, the Cow Jumping Over the Moon and a huge Butterfly!  Star Date : 06/30/2005; I found more of them : Tony the Tiger, a Hungry Grasshopper and Shamu the Killer Whale.

     Ok, I found some more : A Bi-Plane and an American Eagle.

Marfa, TX – The Marfa Lights – Just outside of town off of Hwy 67 heading southwest.

                 Ok, I have seen them twice now.  I just can’t explain what I saw.  Though I do not believe they are alien spaceships.  Perhaps something to do with the weather down there?

Marfa, TX - The Ryan Ranch - 3 miles west of Marfa off the north side of Hwy 90.

          This is the ranch in which the movie "Giant" was filmed.  Marfa even has a street in town named after the staring actor.

Mason, TX - The Shaman - Hwy 87 to Fredericksburg from the town square.

          It stands just outside this guy's gallery/workshop.  He is very proud of his sculpture and jewelry if you know what I mean $$$$.

Muleshoe, TX - The National Mule Memorial - Off of Main and Hwy 84 by the Chamber of Commerce.

          It's a tribute to that hard working beat of burden.

New Braunfels - The Snake Farm - 5640 I-35 South.

          Here's a few photos of the things to see :

AlligatorsPlenty of Snakes , Deep Pit Full of the Rattlers  Pythons  The Zoo Out Back , The Petting Zoo Area , Lemurs , A Meandering Peacock and  Zebras

New Braunfels - The Big Cedar Chair - Off of I-35 on the East Side by the Cowboy Furniture Store.

Another View.

Oatmeal, TX – The Oatmeal Water Tank - Off of Hwy 1174

                With a town name of Oatmeal, what else could the local residence do.  They also hold their Oatmeal festival on the Labor day weekend.   See the leaning water tower of Groom, TX.

O'Donnell, TX – The Dan Blocker Bust - Across the street from the museum off of the town square.

               O'Donnell, TX, home town of Hoss Cartwright from the Bonanza TV series.  His hometown just loves him.

Orange, TX - Swamp Thing - North side of I-10 just before the border with Louisiana.

     A big swamp monster built to promote the air boat rides into the Texas swamps in orange County.

Paris, TX – The Eiffel Tower Reproduction – On the corner of Jefferson Road and South Collegiate Drive.

                Built by the local iron worker’s union and adorned with a cowboy hat. 

Pearland, TX - The Giant Tamale Man - West Side of Hwy 35 just South of the city.

           Actually, you can buy homemade tamales there.

Pearsall, TX - Their Giant Peanut - Off of Oak Street by a produce stand.

     They're not the only ones with a giant peanut.  See Floresville, TX.

 Pittsburgh, TX – Ezekiel’s Airship – At the Pittsburgh Museum.

                 Supposedly, this airship flew before the Wright brother’s plane. It was built using Bible passages from the book of Ezekiel.

Pittsburg, TX - More Giant Fruit - West side of Hwy 271 about 5 miles from town.

     They also have a giant orange and their produce stand.

Pittsburg, TX - Bo Pilgrim's Giant Head - West side of Hwy 271 about 6 miles north of Town.

     Bo is sooo, into himself.  It stand in front of his chicken processing plant.

Plainview, TX - The Painted Cows - Planted all over town, but mainly on Main Street/Business Hwy 70.

     Here's just a sample of them.  There are many more :

Courthouse Cow # 1     Courthouse Cow # 2

Chamber of Commerce Cow # 1     Chamber of Commerce Cow # 2

The DQ Cow     The Kiser CarQuest Auto Parts Cow     The Moonopoly Cow    

The Texas Taco Cow     The Yellow Pages Cow

Port Isabel, TX - World's Biggest Fly Rod and Reel - At the end of Hwy 100 before the Queen Isabella Causeway.

     Complete with a caught fish.  I think this one really works as opposed to the one in Corsicana.

Port Isabel, TX - World's Biggest Ice Cream Cone - At the end of Hwy 100 before the Queen Isabella Causeway.

Port Isabel, TX - The Queen Isabella Causeway - At the end of Hwy 100

     It's the longest bride in the state of Texas.  And I thought the bridge to Corpus was long?

Post, TX - Town Founded by  C W. Post, the Inventor of the Post Cereals you Eat - The full stoury is at the county courthouse accross from the town square/strip.

     Founded by the great C.W. Post, the inventor of the Post cereals.  So the next time your in Post, pour yourself another bowl.

Poteet, TX - Biggest Strawberry - At the Fire Station

          I like strawberries, but I am not that hungry.  I did read that they have a strawberry festival every year.  Even their water tower is painted like a strawberry.

Raymondville, TX - The Smiling Blue Water Tower - Off of Hwy 77 Business.

     It's just a big blue water tower with a smiley painted on it.  I guess I'm reaching here.

Rio Frio, TX - Another Huge Oak Tree - Off of 1120 across the street for the church.

           It even has it's own marker.

Rio Frio, TX - Another Huge Cypress Tree - In Cridder's Campgrounds in the back.

Rochelle, TX - Center Point of Texas - 10 Miles east of Brady, TX off of Hwy 190.

     Like I said, the closest center point of Texas that state geographers can agree upon.

San Antonio, TX - World's Biggest Cowboy Boots - At North Park Mall

          Too big for my feet.  At least they are ready for Christmas.

San Antonio, TX - The Pig Stand Cafe - 1508 Broadway St.

          A popular greasy spoon in the city.

San Antonio, TX - The Toilet Seat Art Museum - 239 Abiso St.

          Barney Smith and his fine collection of Toilet Seat art.

San Antonio, TX - The World's Largest Wooden Nickel - 1345 Austin Rd.

          The biggest wooden nickel I've ever saw.  Check out their shop and museum.

 San Antonio, TX – Gravity Hill or Ghost Children? – On the corner of  Shane and Villamain.

      Either anti-gravity is at work here or the ghost children from a bad bus and train accident will push you over the tracks to safety.  Put some baby powder on your trunk and bumper and look for small hand prints once you go over the tracks.

San Felipe, TX - The Rimasaurus Dinosaur - South Side of I-10 by the Brazos Rivier

A Closer look of the dinosaur made from car wheels.

Schertz, TX - Giant Armadillo - Off of I-35 In Bussey's Flea Market

Seguin, TX - Largest Pecan - In Front of the Court House

          Created to celebrate all the pecan trees along the Guadalupe river outside of town.

Sierra Blanca, TX - More Mountain Initials - North of the city off of I-10.

          Those folks in the west Texas towns are at it again.

Sierra Blanca, TX - Teepee Rest Stop - Located 6 miles west of town off of I-10.

          Pretty unique when I think the only other teepee rest stop I know about is west of Terlingua off of Hwy 170.

Smithville, TX - Giant Golf Ball - North side of Hwy 71 5 miles west of the city.

          Another example of commercial architecture to get you to use their driving range.

Snyder, TX - The White Buffalo Statue - Located on the grounds of the county courthouse.

          A tribute to White Mooar, who killed the last of one of two albino buffalos in the county of Scurry.  Read the Texas Hysterical marker for the full story.

South Padre Island, TX - The Big Shark - East side of Padre Blvd.

     I'm too scared to go in.  Those cheap souvenirs and t-shirts aren't worth it.

Toyah, TX - The Windmill Rest Stop - Off of I-20, between the I-10/I-20 split and Toyah.

          Just another interesting Texas rest stop.

Valentine, TX - Their Post Office - West of town off of Hwy 90.

          There really isn't anything special to Valentine, TX. It's just another little dusty west Texas town, except for their post office.  That's right.  Just before Valentine's day, mail your stamped addressed Valentine card to their post office.  They will then post it with a special Valentine stamp and mail it out to your sweetie, significant other or whatever some of you cooks are up to these days; and your honey will have a Valentine from Valentine, TX.  See the Address below :


ATTN : Valentines

 Valentine, TX 79854

          Enclose a note if you want to have the Official February 14th postmark. Otherwise, the letter may be postmarked on any date between February 5th and February 14th.

Vanderpool, TX - The Lone Star Motorcycle Museum - 4 miles north of Vanderpool, Texas, on highway 187.

          Check out all the old time motorcycles.

Van Horn, TX - More Mountain Initials - North of the city from I-10.

          I guess the folks in Van Horn like to decorate their mountain too.

Waco, TX - Branch Davidian Compound - On Double EE Ranch Rd. off of 2491/Elk Rd.

The Compound

The Bricks with Names

Warrenton, TX - Smallest Catholic Church - Just East of town on Hwy 237.

          A few more photos :

It's Marker

Inside the Small Church

          I really do not know what to say, the small Catholic Church in Bulverde was pretty small too.

Warrenton, TX - Another Muffler Man - Just East of Town on Hwy 237 guarding the Sterling McCall Antique Car Museum

Wharton, TX - Tee Pee Motel - East Side of Business 59 Just North of town

Wharton, TX - Big Brontosaurus - In a Park west of Business 59 Just before Crossing the Colorado River.

Another View

More to come and send some of yours in ......

          So, until next time, take care and I'll  See you... on the road or in the workshop (Which is really just my garage) !!!!


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