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The Texas Road Runners' Rock & Fossil Hunting Sites In Texas

I've been following the many sites in a couple of rock hunting books for Texas (Such as Gem Trails of Texas by Brad Cross and Rockhounding Texas by Melinda Crow) and those I have gone on field trips with in the clubs I have been a part of.  Included is the good, the bad and the ugly of those sites.  Note : My maps are not to scale!  Also, I saw another guy do the same type of page for Oregon and charging people.  So suck it up now for I may do the same since I am now a poor, starving college student again.  Enjoy!

[West Texas]  [Panhandle Plains]  [North Texas]  [Southwest Texas]  [Central/Texas Hill Country]  [Brazos Republic] [East Texas]  [Texas Gulf  Coast]

West Texas

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     Allamore Mine Minerals

      Balmorhea Blue Agate

       Franklin Mountain Caster Marble         

        Hen Egg Mountain Rocks

       Kent Fossils

        Marathon Jasper            (Updated with maps)

      Marfa Agate

      Terlingua Creek Agate and Paisanite

      Toyah Agate         

        Woodward Ranch Agate

Panhandle Plains

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       Lake Meredith Alibates Flint          (Updated)

     Lake McKenzie Selenite         

       Quitaque Gravel          (Updated)

     Ralls Rocks and Fossils          (Updated)

     Turkey Alabaster          (Updated)

North Texas

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     Alvord Pyrite Crystals         

     Bridgeport Fossils         

     Cisco Fossils         

     North Sulfur River Rocks and Fossils         

Southwest Texas

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     Bob's Knob Agate         

     Campbellton Selenite         

     Choke Canyon Rocks and Petrified Wood Part I         

      Choke Canyon Rocks and Petrified Wood Part II

     Del Rio Agate and Pasianite

     Devine Chocolate Agate         

     Falls City Agate         

     Freer Agate         

     North Laredo Agate         

     South Laredo Agate         

     Sullivan Agate         

     Three Rivers Agate and Petrified Wood          (

      Tilden Petrified Wood

     Falcon Reservoir Agate         

Central/Texas Hill Country

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     Bandera Fossils         

     Burnett Granite         

      Gatesville Fossils         

     Lake Whitney Fossils

     Lampasas Fossils        

      Llano Llanite         

     Mason County Topaz         

      Priddy Fossils

Brazos Republic

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     Giddings Petrified Wood and Rocks    - (New)

     Madisonville Fossils

     Lake Somerville Agate, Jasper & Wood

     Ledbetter Agate, Jasper & Pet. Wood

     La Grange Agate, Jasper & Pet. Wood

     Lyons' Petrified Wood

     Rockdale Fossils

     Smithville Agate, Jasper & Pet. Wood

      Whiskey Bridge Fossils     (Updated)

East Texas

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    Crockett Rocks and Petrified Wood Including Palm Wood

     Lake Sam Rayburn Petrified Wood

     Livingston Petrified Palm Wood

     Toledo Bend Dam Rocks and Petrified Wood

     Trinity Petrified Wood           - (Updated)

Texas Gulf Coast

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     Corpus Christi Fossils



       So, until next time, take care and I'll  See you... on the road, or in the workshop, (which is really just my garage) !!!!


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