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The Texas Road Runners' Rock Shops of Texas :

The directory below is a listing of rock and mineral shops in the state of Texas.  For the ones I have visited, please see my review.  Visit one near you for equipment, new specimens for your collection and of coarse pick their brains for any advice they have to offer.  Enjoy!

[Alpine]  [Amarillo]  [Bertram] [Borne] [Brazoria]  [Buchanan Dam] [Carrollton] [Dallas] [Fort Davis] [Fort Worth] [Glen Rose]  [Hondo] [Houston] [League City] [Livingston] [Mountain Home] [New Braunfels]  [Smithville]  [Study Butte/Terlingua]  [Texas City] 


           Ocotillo Enterprises      (Personally visited)

     Antelope Lodge, Rock Shop and the Frontier Museum     (Personally visited)

     Woodward Ranch Rock Shop  (Personally visited)


     Rock Hound Supply     


     Balcones Rock Shop     (Personally visited)


     The Alamo Rock Shop (Personally visited)


     Wild Peach Rock Shop (Personally visited)

Buchanan Dam

     Don's Rock Shop     (Personally visited)


     Nature's Gallery     (Personally visited)


     The Rock Barrel     (Personal visited)

Fort Davis

     The Blue Agate Rocks and Gifts     (Personally visited)

Glen Rose

     Stone Hut     (Personal visited)


     Kings Gem Center     (Personally visited)


      Bruce's Rock Shop          (Personally visited)

Mountain Home

     The Marfa Rock Shop     (Personally visited)

New Braunfels

     Rocks Etc.    

League City

      Shu's Rocks and Minerals     (Personally visited)


      The Johnson Rock Shop     (Personally visited)


       The Little Gallery & Rock Shop     (Personally visited)

Study Butte/Terlingua

     Many Stones     (Personally visited)

     Maverick Rock Shop     (Personally visited)

Texas City

     Treasure Hunter's Supply     (Personally visited)


       So, until next time, take care and I'll  See you... on the road, or in the workshop, (which is really just my garage) !!!!


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