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My Texas Rockhound Pages   

The pages below include listings for Texas Rock Clubs, Texas Rock and Mineral shops, places in Texas to hunt for rocks, gems, minerals and fossils, and other pertinent information such as tips, rock hound rules, safety and related web links.  I will also include other areas of interest such as the states we border with and the southwest.  This is a new feature of this site, so it will be growing and changing.  Be sure to check back often for updates.  Enjoy!

Texas and the Southwest Rock & Mineral Show Schedule

GPS Data for Texas Rock Hounds

Texas Rock Shops

Texas Rock, Gem and Mineral Clubs

Texas Rock & Fossil Collecting Sites (My Personal Review)

Lapidary & Tumbling Tips

Rock Hunting Rules

Safety Tips for Rock Hunting

State Gems, Minerals & Fossils of the US

Texas Minerals & Production

Web Links for Rocks Hounds

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